In 1889, just 10 years after the Town of Herndon became incorporated, a group of 11 ladies organized a study group to discuss literature, art, science and the interest of the day. The biweekly meetings led to the name Fortnightly Club.

To achieve their aims, books were collected and by 1900 they had acquired about 1000 books. At this point they decided it would be advantageous to the Town to have a lending library. They rented a room for their collection and the first Herndon Library was established.

In 1917 Herndon had a disastrous fire, destroying the library as well as homes and businesses in the downtown area. However, the ladies were not daunted. Not only did they replace the books but they made plans to build their own building for the library.

In 1925, the ever business minded ladies incorporated the Club and changed the name to The Fortnightly Club and Library Association of Herndon, Virginia.

After many fund raisers and contributions from the community, in 1927 they moved into their new building on Spring Street. The Club ran the library with volunteers until 1972 when Fairfax County rented the building and the library was officially incorporated into the Fairfax County Library system.

Without the Library to operate, the Club turned to other avenues to help the town and established a scholarship program.

In the early 1990’s, when the County decided to build a new library, the Club requested the name not be changed. After many meetings and petitions the County honored the organization that had established and operated a library for nearly 80 years, The Herndon Fortnightly Library.

Again our name was changed to The Herndon Fortnightly Club; it has been a member of the General Federation of Woman’s Clubs (GFWC) since 1912 and is one of the oldest woman’s clubs in Virginia. Our activities are varied, assisting many organizations and activities in the Town in addition to our scholarship program.

Current home of the Herndon Fortnightly Library

Current home of the Herndon Fortnightly Library